Catalytique Consulting is a services startup, consulting practice, and creative agency, specializing in Proposal Writing, Customer Success, and Software Training, for B2B software companies.

our services

We offer content creation and professional services, and design frameworks that guide, support, and reliably replicate success at every step of the tech customer journey, and ultimately, your journey.  

Proposal Writing

  • We can write your proposals and respond to bids for you
  • We can design and create proposal templates and libraries of winning proposal content
  • We can help you build a successful proposal management practice

Customer Success

  • We can map out your customer journey
  • We can create your customer success collateral
  • We can help you select and implement customer success software
  • We can help you engage your user community with webinars and blog posts
  • We can help you build your customer success practice

Software Training

  • We can design user onboarding and quick start guides for your app
  • We can design the course structure for your B2B software training
  • We can create your training collateral including training presentation decks, user guides, and video tutorials
  • We can help you select and implement an LMS

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